The Queue | Licorice - I didn't expect the 6-0. The 0 part is actually scary.

This week Dash is Queued up with Cloud9’s top laner Licorice to talk their 6-0 start in the LCS and what steps brought him to the world of professional gaming.

00:00 - Intro
01:28 - When Licorice started playing League of Legends
03:36 - Playing video games with his brother
05:53 - What makes Licorice a better gamer than other people?
08:18 - When did pro play as a career begin to formulate for Licorice?
10:53 - Was Licorice always a Top laner?
12:17 - What sacrifices is Licorice making as a pro player?
15:20 - What does life after Pro Play look like?
16:30 - Joining Cloud9
18:02 - Why is Reapered such a good coach?
20:26 - How did you reconcile the immediate stardom with C9?
22:17 - How did you get out of that and into a healthier mindset?
23:35 - Licorice and the next chapter for Cloud9
24:49 - Do you feel like you’re a leader on the team?
26:24 - Did Licorice expect to be 6-0 right now?
28:02 - Will we see more lane switching in the future for League?
29:44 - Does Licorice think about how to break the Meta?
31:12 - Playing with Zven.
33:07 - Goals for the Cloud9
35:20 - Who are the teams that you’re most afraid of?
36:52 - What does success and happiness look like for Licorice?
39:12 - Is this iteration of Cloud9 the one to win Worlds?


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