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Red Dead Redemption 2 - 100% Completion!

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Thank You Guys For Watching and i Hope to see you next time!

Sorry about the mediocrity of the Thumbnail my Photoshop skills are the best around these Youtube parts.

Day(S) With No Life Playlist:

Days with no life is a series that contains a collection of funny moments and highlights from whatever the hell i was playing that day or the past couple days. I hope you enjoy it and again, all feedback, positive or negative, is appreciated.




Music: kid kudi- dat new new

Yo remember that time i put a bunch of stuff in my description that had nothing to do with the video. I mean i do. Well maybe some stuff like COUNTERSTRIKE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE, OVERWATCH, FUNNY MOMENTS AND HIGHLIGHTS!. But then theres other things like FEMALES, PEWDIEPIE, LEAFYISHERE, RICEGUM, GONE WRONG, IN, THE HOOD, all in the effort to one be be as big as KYR SPEEDY or SPEEDYW03 and to GROW ON YOUTUBE FAST IN 2018(GAMERS EDITION! I mean it would just be scummy to put a big youtubers name in my description or title like KSI. Or even like a decently large youtuber like SEAGULL or RAGEGAMINGVIDEOS! I mean thats the equivalent of making a video about POKEMON GO. Like you know that has the chance to get views. Anyways i hope you all have fantastic days and that you dont end up on DRAMA ALERT or SCARCE! Sincerely, EiZ.

This has been down here for a while and i thought about changing it cause some of these topics are irrelevant as RICEGUM would say but i thought nah lets just add things. im kind of into LEAGUE OF LEGENDS now and ive been taking a lot of inspiration from POKIMANE. Im always about that DRAMA life on youtube especially when it has to do with JAKE PAUL or LOGAN PAUL. i dont like THE PAUL BROTHERS personally but they know their hustle and they do it well. A lot of people play FORTNITE now like VIKKSTAR and ALI-A. I dont like that game much either but its popular so i play it. i also like MINIMINTER and the SIDEMEN. - EiZ latter in life than the last paragraph

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