Hey all! Sorry it's been a bit since the last one - just getting a few things lined up and we should be back on track for the 1 vid a week. Hope you enjoy this one where I was recognized for the second time by this dude, apparently one year later LOL who knows. Thanks for watching and catch you on stream in a few hrs :)

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Hey everyone! I'm Kelsie aka KayPea (KP) and I’m a League of Legends Twitch Streamer and YouTuber. I main mid and my top 3 champions are Lux, Brand, and Ahri. You'll see a lot of them in my videos as well as the occasional dragon or baron steal :^ ) I have two cats named Ronin and Luna that also sometimes make guest appearances in my videos, whether they're invited or not. On this channel you will find my Stream Highlights as well as the occasional Vlog. My social media links are above if you haven't already followed me there :)

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