League of Legends 2 Breakdown

a look at some of the FX work I did back on LOL 2 at Blur. This project was a weird one. It floated around the studio for a while as Riot was insanely picky on seemingly everything. Tons changed. You can see the explosion went in different directions. My personal choice was the fireball. Unfortunately Blur hadn't really scheduled time to properly address all these notes with the other shows it had in house at the time. Lots of weekends : (

That being said it was a really fun show. a-lot of fun magic. I had a total blast doing the cloaking effects for Rangar. Doing it with all his hair was a challenge, but ultimately I found a cool technical solution that gave me the flexibility i needed in comp. I love doing this kind of stylized work!

oh i should note, the 2 shots where Nautilus comes out of the smoke and then drags his anchor were done by other artists at Blur (Dan Chamberlin and Seung-Jay)... but it was fun to have them in for continuity.
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