Instalok - Moves Like Faker (Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera PARODY)

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Instrumental by: Tony


I think I should start
to play like
a league superstar
in the limelight
I’ll win every game
but first I must train
and eat broccoli

Mid lane is my role
so I want it
I’m doing a roll
‘cause I got it
When I’m in the mid
I won’t let you live
you might as well quit

it’ll go like this...

Take me on and I will outplay you
1v1 me mid and I’ll show you
all the moves like Faker
I’ve got the moves like Faker
I've got the moves like Faker

I’ll just keep on getting fed off you
Try to camp my lane and I’ll own you
with them jukes like Faker
I’ve got the moves like Faker
I’ve got the moves like Faker

You’re gonna go far
if you play like
Cue the highlights
‘cause since season 3
He’s got SKT
Straight farming trophies

His champion pool
kinda feels like
a box full of tools
When it’s played right
but who has the time
to learn all these guys
so I’ll just play Ryze
Faker LOL Streamers
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