Faker & Ninja Subscribe to Sneaky? | INSANE Baron Steal | Troll Songs (Best Clips of the Week)
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Faker & Ninja Subscribe to Sneaky? | INSANE Baron Steal | Troll Songs (Best Clips of the Week)

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★★ Best Stream Moments #17 ★★
Sneaky Reacts to Kanye West's Latest "Troll" Song ✱ Sneaky Finds Another Bug ✱ Ninja, Faker, Shroud all Subscribe (Gifted) to Sneaky ✱ Jhin Baron Steal ✱ Sneaky's Bronze Chase ✱ Listening to More Troll Music ✱ Getting One-Shot in Fortnite

Footage from: May 1-8, 2018



▼Time Stamps

[0:00] Sneaky Reacts to Kanye West's Song
[1:53] Another Kalista Bug?
[2:24] A Failed Prophecy...
[3:38] Faker, Shroud, Ninja Subscirbe to Sneaky (Gifted Subs)
[5:24] Jhin Baron Steal
[6:25] How to Chase in Challenger
[7:18] Sneaky Listens to A Troll Song
[8:56] Playing Fortnite

▼Editor's Added Music

[4:26] Paper Mario: TTYD [GCN] - Item Found
[4:47] Larry Owens - Interlude
[6:19] Super Mario World [SNES] - Game Over
[6:52] Final Fantasy VII [PSX] - Hurry!
[9:52] Mentos Theme

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