League of Legends MILESTONE - Over 100 Million monthly active players

Association of Legends is hinting at no backing off, as Riot Games gauges it has more than 100 million players effectively playing every month.

That is more than 1% of individuals on the planet Earth.

This figure originates from Polygon's meeting with Riot Games prime supporters Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck.

On the off chance that you thought the absence of player number declarations in the course of the last couple of years has been an indication of decrease, reconsider.

Since the last tally in 2014, the number has developed more than 30 million from 67 million.

In June, Valve discharged figures for LoL contender Dota 2, saying it had 13 million one of a kind players amid the earlier month.

"It's difficult to parse, yet by the day's end, those things don't feel genuine," said Brandon Beck."

The coolest thing is really when we're at the live occasions and get the opportunity to meet fans eye to eye. At exactly that point does it begin to feel genuine.

Else, they're simply numbers on a screen everywhere throughout the world."

The draw for the gathering phase of the League of Legends World Championships occurred throughout the end of the week.

This year, beginning from September 29, Worlds is voyaging all over North America.


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