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When the man cried | Faker troll kkOma - Best of LoL Streams #50

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When the man cried | Faker troll kkOma - Best of LoL Streams #50
Daily League of Legends best funny stream moments and pro plays #49 ft. Dyrus, Imaqtpie, KaSing, C9 Sneaky, Pobelter, Annie Bot, ArKaDaTa, Gripex, Gbay99, Summit1g, GoodGuyGarry, BunnyFuFuu, Dekar, Akaadian, Voyboy, Gosu, Hashinshin, Kubon, Xayoo, Sirhcez, Yassuo, IWillDominate, elementlolz, Wingsofdeath and Shiphtur!
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► Credits:

► Streams:

Shiphtur: /shiphtur
Imaqtpie: /imaqtpie
C9 Sneaky: /c9sneaky
Wingsofdeath: /wingsofdeath
Annie Bot: /anniebot
Gripex: /gripex90
Dyrus: /tsm_dyrus
Gbay99: /gbay99
ArKaDaTa: /arkadataediting
IWillDominate: /iwilldominate
KaSing: /kasinglol
Aphromoo: /aphromoo
Pobelter: /pobelter
Summit1g: /summit1g
Akaadian: /akaadian
Dekar: /dekar173
Arrow: /arrowp1
BunnyFuFuu: /bunnyfufuu
GoodGuyGarry: /goodguygarry
Hashinshin: /hashinshin
Yassuo: /yassuo
Kubon: /kubon_
Xayoo: /xayoo_
Sirhcez: /sirhcez
Voyboy: /voyboy
Gosu: /gosu
deutscher55: /deutscher55
elementlolz: /elementlolz
imapixel: /imapixeleuw

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